Board of Trustees


Sharon Anglim, Chair


Amy Morton Vaughn, Artistic Director


Katharine Dorner, Business Manager


Lynne Warner, Member


Charles West, Member


Stephanie Weatherstone, Member


Alex Weatherstone, Member


Amber Monroe, Member


Constance Berry, Member


Kimberly Proffitt, Member


Todd Fleming, Member


Nichole McCord, Member

The Appalachian Ballet Company wishes to express our sincere appreciation to our patrons, audiences, dancers and their families for their loyal support as we celebrate our 47th Anniversary.


When our company was founded in 1971, we did not foresee our tremendous growth; becoming an honor company in the Southeast Region, performing three full shows annually with at least one in collaboration with the Knoxville Symphony Orchestra, performing at dance festivals throughout the Southeast, and expanding our educational community outreach.


We want to celebrate our success with you because the passion ABC has for dancing is for you, our community, and that passion is strong, steady and keeps us stretching our wings.


Please consider making a donation today to help us continue to perform and

make a positive impact on our community ...for the next 47 years!


Amy Morton Vaughn, Artistic Director


Special Thanks to Richard Calmes Photography

Appalachian Ballet Company is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization